Certified Nutritionist (CNP)

I am Betsy, the owner and founder of Elitee Food Therapy by Betsy. I am a certified nutritionist with a background in dietetics and a diploma in counseling and coaching.


I spent 5 years studying at the National University of Colombia and graduated in my early 20s as a Nutritionist and Dietitian. When I immigrated to Canada in my early 30s, I studied coaching and counseling and obtained my diploma from Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver in this field. I then acquired my Holistic Nutrition diploma from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver.


In my professional practice in Colombia, I worked for over 8 years with people of all ages who were struggling with weight management, stress, digestive health, and chronic and degenerative diseases such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and many others.
My work has always been based on a client-centered approach with a holistic perspective. It is important to understand the root cause of the problem that the person is experiencing to be able to help them in their healing journey.

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Specializing in counseling and coaching

Since my childhood, I have seen doctors who have used a holistic approach with their patients, and I have witnessed and experienced its powerful impact in changing people’s quality of life. When I was a little girl, people told me that I was an attentive listener because I understood them well. I decided to sharpen my natural gifts by specializing in counseling and coaching. I can consciously use my natural abilities when I am working with my clients to enhance the process in achieving their goals. I am passionate about nutrition, health, and beauty, which are fundamentally impacted by our dietary choices. Eating healthy does not have to be boring; it’s about learning to make conscious choices

If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur who is:

Struggling to manage your weight.

Trying to be free of uncomfortable digestive symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, irregular bowel movements, and indigestion.

Succumbing to sugar or salt cravings.

Dealing with energy crashes and fatigue during the day.

Feeling that your stress is out control.

Elitee Food Therapy by Betsy is the perfect place where you will learn how to build healthy habits, which include making conscious eating and lifestyle choices as part of your healing journey.